Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sports Tourism Making Cheap Flights to India an Attractive Offer

The attractions and sights of India have beguiled travellers from all corners of the world! But now it is the era of the sports tourism in India and the phenomenon is all set to take over precedence from every other kind of ‘tourisms’ in India!

Be it Olympics or Commonwealth Games – Indians athletes are slowly but surely making their mark on the world stage. The country has just won the Cricket World Cup and is all set to host it’s first ever Formula One Race in October 2011! Really, the time for India to experience its boom in sports tourism has arrived! Numerous booked flights to India for the CWG 2010, still many grabbed cheap flights to India to enjoy the spectacle of the Cricket World Cup and many others are expected to look for tickets on flights to India to experience the hoopla the Indian Grand Prix is set to create! Cheap flights to India are readily available, making it a win-win situation for sports enthusiasts.

The economic prowess of this Asian giant has forced many to incorporate India in their scheme of things. No wonder, sports bodies like FIFA and F1 are not leaving any stones unturned to make India an integral part of their future plans!

Travellers who are digging out information on airfares to India and plan to hit the shores of this incredible country can also enjoy a range of adventure sports and activities. Tourists on India holidays can enjoy skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, water rafting, sailing, snorkelling and a host of other fun activities!

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