Monday, May 9, 2011

Emirates & Etihad Airways Make It Special Summer for Travellers

The summer bonanza of Emirates is here! The airline that is regarded as the largest in the Middle East is all set to make sure that holiday makers this peak travel season are a happy lot.

On Sunday, the airline announced the removal of its fuel surcharge on all of its flight tickets. The airline made this move after global oil prices plummeted considerably last week – one the sharpest declines in the recent times.

Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, said, “In line with the recent decrease in fuel prices, Emirates has removed its fuel surcharge on all tickets.”

“The removal of this surcharge reflects our longstanding commitment to our customers. We promised our customers from the outset that we would eliminate the surcharge as soon as it was commercially viable and this has now been done.” Mr Clark further stated.

Cheap flights’ may not be Emirates’ area but this dip on flight airfares is surely going to attract many vacationers, especially with the kind of amenities and luxuries this airline offers on-board.

But what makes it more special for the travellers is that another world class airline has come up with an attractive offer. Etihad Airways, with its hub at the Abu Dhabi airport, launched a new sales promotion for its UAE and GCC based travellers. This will allow passengers to book tickets on relatively cheap airline flights as the carrier is offering return economy class air fares with up to 40 per cent discount on regular air fares for journeys to be completed in May.

Etihad Airways was recently recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Airline at the region’s World Travel Awards.

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