Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Icelandic Volcano Ash: What Awaits Travellers of Cancelled Flights

We all know history repeats itself, but this surely wasn’t this expected so soon! This is what that is going on in the minds of travellers whose holiday plans have been shattered by the latest ash cloud crisis that has been sparked by the eruption of Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano. And in the process reminding people of the similar kind of situation that took place in 2010!

A number of airlines have cancelled their flights and thus devastating travel plans of thousands of holiday makers. The worst-affected are the ones who were actually able to get their hands at cheap flight tickets. But there is a silver lining among clouds of ash!

Budget airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet that are renowned to offer tickets on cheap flights, are of the belief that this time the flight disruptions shall not be as massive as last year.

Whatever may be the case; there are heaps of travellers who have had their flights cancelled. This following information is just for them.

Flights Cancelled?

If your flights get cancelled, the airlines are obliged to provide you either a full refund of your unused ticket or an alternative flight. EU-based carriers are liable to offer you accommodation, meals and transport between the airport and accommodation.

What about Travel Insurance Coverage?

Travel insurers should refund your premium if you took single trip travel insurance and did not make the journey. If you arrange for a flight at some later date, the travel insurer should be able to alter your policy to cover this.

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