Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Ever Tiger Paw Sports Film Festival to Be Held in Delhi

Tickets on flights destined for India’s thriving capital of Delhi have long been popular amongst culture vultures who wish to get high on the cultural mystique of the destination. However, foreign cineastes booking tickets aboard flights landing in the city during the month of August will now be treated to an amazing extravaganza as India’s first ever sports cinema fiesta; Tiger Paw Sports Film Festival 2013 is all set to take place at the destination. 

The very first edition of the event will take place from August 27 to 29, 2013! All set to catch the world’s fancy, the fest will showcase acclaimed movies on various aspects of sporting disciplines from India and across the globe. 

The festival is all set to introduce visitors who have already booked or are planning to reserve tickets aboard flights to the country with a colourful showcase of super short movie, short movie, super short documentary, short documentary, news feature and feature documentary. 

This dazzling event will also feature talks by eminent filmmakers on the challenges of making a sporting documentary during the three-day fest to entertain and engage cineastes who book tickets aboard flights for gratifying holidays to the city in India during the event.

The month of August remains a festive time, such that many book tickets on cheap flights bound for India’s capital city during this time to immerse in the cultural celebrations. And cineastes booking tickets aboard flights arriving in India particularly for the event can also have a wonderful time in the city with plenty of festivities to partake in and plenty of historical and cultural attractions to explore.

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