Monday, July 29, 2013

A Tryst with South Africa’s Culture at Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, popularly known among international tourists buying tickets on flights bound to South Africa as “The Town of Oaks”, is one of the oldest habitations of the country. Featuring excellent connectivity and located close to Cape Town, which features an international airport that handles flights from all over the world, it’s easy to reach for globetrotters. Established in the year 1679, this urban centre’s unique way of life has withstood changing times and helped the town emerge as one of the best places for a tryst with the cultural heritage of South Africa. Here are some of the popular attractions and activities for those planning to book air tickets to the country.  

The Trail of Vineyards and Cellars

Globally renowned for the excellent quality of produce, this area is an integral to the wine trail of South Africa. With hundreds of grape growers and cellars in proximity, everyday seems like a party to those reaching this place after booking tickets on international flights arriving in the country. Those following this route can participate in the numerous tastings, wine sales and cellar visits conducted almost daily. In some of the larger vineyards, tourists can be part of picnics, attend the amphitheatre, take a carriage ride or stay a few days to learn about the art of fermenting grapes. This tour is guaranteed to surpass your expectations and be worth the monies spent in buying air tickets to reach here aboard long-haul flights.

Fun Out of Doors 

This amazing town is situated smack in the middle of South Africa’s Cape Winelands, which are famous for their picturesque scenery and diverse landscape. The entire area is comprised of mountains, valleys, hills, streams and forests, which make it a dream come true for adventurers buying flight tickets to this country. Some of the popular activities pursued by tourists visiting Stellenbosch includes trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking as well as short scenic flights aboard small aeroplanes. So give this old urban settlement a visit the next time you book your air tickets to reach picturesque and culturally stimulating South Africa.

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