Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Holiday in Kochi - The Queen of Arabian Sea

Kochi is a delightful holiday destination that attracts travellers who book tour packages for India. Also known as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’, Kochi is one of the important cities in South India adorned with the beauty of coconut palms and endless blue water with a natural harbour. Tourists can get a glimpse of the colonial past and age-old tradition of the city during holidays in Kochi by visiting the oldest church in India, palace, synagogue, the unique Chinese fishing nets and Vedanta Centre.

Tourists with an interest for colonial history of India look for packages to enrich their holidays in this part of India. On a holiday in Kochi, walk along the city streets to see magnificent forts and churches. One can start the tour with a visit to the St. Francis Church the oldest European settlement in India. It’s one of the biggest attractions of Fort Kochi. Apart from the church Chinese Fishing Nets, Santa Cruz Basilica, Vasco House are some of the attention grabbers that push enquires for cheap holiday packages in this part of Kerala, India.

After the enlightening walks through Fort Kochi, head towards the Jewish settlements of Mattancherry area. Dutch Palace, originally built by the Dutch people and presented to the king of Kochi, displays murals from Ramayana and ‘Paalkees’ (an enclosed conveyance consisting of a chair or bed carried on two poles by bearers). The Jewish Synagogue is another popular historical site among those searching for packages to visit India. It was built in 1568 and magnificently enlightened by an ornate gold pulpit and hand-painted floor tiles from China chandeliers and coloured-glass lamps.

Tourists looking for tour packages in this part of Kerala, have an option to board a private ‘Kettuvalam’ (a typical houseboat in Kochi) to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relish the serenity of this river-town during their holidays in Kochi. Feast on a traditional mouth-watering South Indian dishes like rice pudding flavoured with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashew and pistachio; vegetable with coconut curry and ‘payasam’. After discovering the culture and beauty of this region of Kerala in India, complete your day with a rejuvenating ayurvedic massage.

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