Friday, March 22, 2013

AirAsia X to Recommence Services to India

If news reports are to be believed then AirAsia X is all set for restarting its flights service to India. Those with interest in the aviation sector would remember that last year the Malaysian carrier ceased its operations to India, giving heartaches to a stream of air travellers who took a particular fancy to the company’s offer of low-cost tickets on flights that operated from important regional centres to India. The carrier at that time cited reasons such as high airport costs and travel agent charges on tickets for pulling out of India.

The announcement of re-commencing flights to Indian cities comes after a February announcement by AirAsia to launch a domestic carrier in India through a joint venture with the Tata Group and another investor. AirAsia X is aiming to align its flights with the newly announced domestic carrier. It hopes to feed passenger traffic from domestic flights into its long-haul services.

However, the airline is still apprehensive of airport cost and travel agent issues. Online booking of tickets still hasn’t picked up massively in India and there is a feeling among industry experts that agents put arbitrary charges on flight tickets, thus increasing the price of travel tickets.

AirAsia X’s decision to re-initiate flights service to India will be music to the ears of budget vacationers who seek cheap alternatives when it comes to buying tickets on regional routes.

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