Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 2 Unexplored Hilly Honeymoon Destinations in India

A fair share of newly weds from worldwide are often to be found searching tickets on flights arriving in India to celebrate the marital bliss in their life at destinations like Goa and Kerala. However, there are scores of undiscovered treasures in India that may prove to be the uniquely fulfilling for honeymooners spending on flights tickets to the country. Find out more on top 2 undiscovered hilly honeymoon destinations in the country.

Dalhousie :-
If you are booking tickets deals on India flights and looking for destination with snow capped mountains, meadows of wild flowers and flurry of verdant valleys, none can beat the sleepy hill town of Dalhousie! Take a walk along the beautiful mountain trails to unravel the secrets of nature, redefine the mores of love at Khajjar or simply spend some time at tranquil Buddhist monasteries! But that’s not all! There are scores of other attractions that will make you gloat over your decision to book flights tickets to spend your honeymoon in India.

Munnar :-
With its picturesque mountains, leafy valleys, fragrant tea gardens and mist-cloaked mornings, Munnar is one of the best Indian destinations to start the journey of togetherness for newly weds booking flights tickets to the country! Planning honeymoon to Munnar gives you a chance to hike up the Anaimudi Peak and take in the striking views of the town, try your hand at fishing at the Sita Devi Lake or simply relish freshly brewed tea! Quite naturally, it lures thousands of newly weds to plan honeymoon trips and book tickets on flights bound to India.

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