Wednesday, January 16, 2013

India Tourist Destination Bring Flights India for Thrill Seekers

India is a destination where the search for pursuits of adventure ends! Its captivating destinations like Leh and Ladakh, Valley of Flowers National Park and Goa make air travel tickets and flights a revered commodity among venturous spirits

India is a land of adventure and thrill seekers buying air flights to India seldom go back disappointed if all the right choices are made! The exciting experiences stretch from India’s bamboozling streets to the towering mountain ranges. The wild blue yonder and aura spilled over with thrill and never-ending geographical splendours are rendezvous to run into ecstasy and fervour. 

There is panoply of cheap flights to India that are more than perfect to celebrate adventure. Go on and skim through some of the popular choices that literally increase the demand for flights tickets by leaps and bounds! 

Leh and Ladakh
The extraordinary Leh and Ladakh and over-the-top experiences are synonymic to each other. Leh is the most common entry point to Ladakh in far northern region of India. Boasting the largest mountain ranges in the world and dry barren expanse of scenic historic Buddhist monasteries, it is a port of call for every brave heart making air tickets reservations for flights arriving in the country. 

The outstanding hiking and para gliding opportunities around Leh drive masses mad and lure them time and again. Extreme biking is the best bet for veterans and take them on a lifetime journey of sandy, rocky and snowy tracks. Alternatively one can also go for trekking trails or white water rafting for making the most of their money spent on those air travel tickets on flights. 

Valley of Flowers National Park
Valley of Flowers National Park is a place that most hikers usually imagine on their flights of fancy for a date with the country hill state of Uttrakhand! Soaring high above the sky and bubbling over with multihued flowers, the Himalayan valley blissfully smiles over with 300 different kinds of alpine flowers. The spectacle of bright carpet of red, blue and violet blossoms against craggy snow-capped background invokes nothing but déjà vu!

It takes laborious 9.8 mile hike to reach the vale that all the fatigue suddenly fades away upon beholding the magical sight. The period from mid July to mid August is the best time to visit and feast eyes on blooming flowers. It goes without saying that the heavenly valley enjoys a special place on the itinerary of hundreds of brave hearts who grab air tickets deals for flights landing in India. 

Goa is a fitting alternative to mountains for travellers on adventure pursuit in India. The mesmerizing experience of indulging in water-sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and dolphin or crocodile watching unfeigned justify those holiday expenses and efforts made to net cheap accommodation cheap air tickets on flights. Its beaches offer endless opportunities to take delights in water sports like parasailing, wake boarding, windsurfing, banana rides, waterskiing and kite surfing. 

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