Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Island Beauties in Seychelles

It will take countless lifetimes to sing all the praises of Seychelles. This group of some 115 islands in the Indian Ocean has been generously endowed by the creator. Rarest of the rare flora and fauna, sun kissed milky white beaches, verdant jungles, and craggy hills – Seychelles has all this and much more. Luxury resorts play host to travellers who do themselves the favour of visiting Seychelles. Welcome to three of the most popular islands in Seychelles.

Mahe Island in SeychellesMahe Island

Mahé is the main island in Seychelles and being the location of the international airport is well served by international carriers operating cheap flights to Seychelles. Besides natural lures like dive centres, fishing areas, and nature walks and trails, Mahé also has an ample number of cafes, casinos, bars, and restaurants.

Praslin Parrots and Female Modelled FruitsPraslin Parrots and Female Modelled Fruits

If you have booked flights to Seychelles, make sure that you do not skip Praslin. This is the place to come up close with the destination’s famous Seychelles Black Parrots and other winged denizens. Praslin is no less famous for the huge Coco-de-Mer palm tree, which bears fruits that seem to have been modelled on the female pelvis.

La Digue Island in Seychelles
La Digue Island

The La Digue Island is perfect for a taste of Seychelles’s idyllic way of life. Stepping onto this island is like getting trapped in a time warp. A serene unhurried lifestyle and surviving traditions of the bygone era make this island a relaxing as well as entertaining place to visit.

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