Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Sneak Peek into Muscat

Tranquil Muscat has many holiday trappings and most of the times proves to be delightfully isolated. In fact, many a visitor on a Dubai holiday often visits Muscat to get rejuvenated in a relaxed way. The destination also has plenty of hotels that often prove to be cheaper than some of their counterparts in the popular Gulf cities. Come, take a quick tour of three captivating Muscat attractions.

Mutrah Souq

The Mutrah Souq is an inseparable part of Muscat’s identity and is a powerful trapping for many of the travellers catching flights to Muscat. This shopping arcade has the character of a traditional bustling Arab market. Bargain to your heart’s content over items as diverse as clothes, gold, Indian and Omani handicrafts, and hardware.

Bait al-Baranda

Historic and cultural attractions also play their role in luring quite a few tourists to book flights to Muscat and the Bait al-Baranda is one of the best places for such delights in Muscat. Exquisitely creative interactive exhibits prove to be an excellent way of exploring Muscat’s history. Although, there are numerous exhibits to explore, the honours usually go to the Dinosaur created partly with old bones.

Grand Mosque

Also known as Ghala & Al-Ghubrah, the Grand Mosque is a splendid feat of architecture and one of the must visit spots on your Muscat holidays. Breathtaking decorations abound in the mosque and a major highlight is the huge Persian carpet in the main prayer hall. This carpet is believed to be the largest such carpet in the world and was woven for about 4 years.

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