Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Juicy Big Apple Beckons and it is not Forbidden

New York remains the natural choice of millions of Britons planning to visit an exciting travel destination far far away from England. After all, the ‘Big Apple’ has an abundance of attractions to lure even the most jaded traveller. The sheer numbers of carriers operating flights to New York bears testimony to the popularity of this destination. Whether it is the myriad pleasures of glitzy and frenetic New York City or the laid back relaxation of upstate New York, the destination promises limitless exhilaration. Being the melting pot of numerous colourful ethnicities, New York is like a fabulous cultural smorgasbord.

Those with a passion for walking would do well to try out the pedestrian pathway on the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the East River from a dizzying height of some 5,989 feet. Taking a ride to the Liberty Island and witnessing the glory of the Statue of Liberty remains an unforgettable memory. If you feel that you spent too much on those USA flights, then simply go on a tour of the humongous Central Park and lose yourself in a wonderful world of verdant parks, forests, and lakes.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to catch a performance at the legendary Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. Come up close to the looming Empire State Building and gaze out over the wonders of New York from the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors. The pulsating feeling of life at Times Square, the astounding theatrical performances on Broadway, and the priceless treasures in the Museum of Modern Art – buying air tickets to New York definitely ensure countless rare moments and lifelong memories.

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