Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Glance at Top Lures of Grand Baie, Mauritius

Grand Baie is a small yet mesmerising island destination in North Mauritius and greets one with panoply of exhilarating activities and overwhelming sights. Tourists arriving here can bask in the glory of its wonderful beaches, enjoy enthralling water sports or indulge in heart-pleasing retail therapy. It’s not without reason that this fantastic island destination is considered a tourist’s paradise and draws in hordes of vacationers booking tickets aboard flights destined for Mauritius.

From unmatched tranquillity to thrilling water sports and fruitful shopping to delectable dining – Grand Baie boast an array of attractions that live up to the every penny invested on tickets on international flights bound for Mauritius. Ever scintillant sea-shore and astonishing marine life perhaps make for the biggest reason why Grand Baie is such a big hit amongst western tourists. The submarine rides to explore underwater world of the region truly cater to the fancy of nature-lovers. Glass-bottomed boat trips, Le Nessee and the Blue Safari Submarine are some rare prerogative that holidaymakers here enjoy the most. 

Vibrating nightlife is another great offering of the region that catches fancy of hedonists in hordes tempting them into buying travel tickets for Mauritius. Myriad nightlife options that dot the region keep one’s spirit high at all times. Buddha Club is one of the most popular party places here that regale visitors with its magical trinity of drinks, dance and diner. B52 and Zanzibar are other popular places to hit and make the most of the money spent of cheap flights to this fabulous island destination. 

But that’s not all! Indulging in fine dining is another significant reason why this place sets holidaymakers on a mad scramble for grabbing cheap tickets on flights destined for Mauritius. Be it any taste or budget, one is bound to find a suitable eatery here to treat their taste buds.

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