Saturday, May 4, 2013

Goa’s Special Beach-Bumming Package for Couples

Tourism authorities in Goa, India are making efforts to promote the destination as a year-round holiday stopover. The state authorities have come up with a new promotional initiative to attract more number of people to book tickets on flights that are arriving in the Indian coastal province. A “beach-bumming” experience in rain is being offered to holiday makers, specifically couples.

Under the scheme, a much subsidized 3 days / 4 nights package at hotels operated by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation will be offered to couples grabbing hold of tickets on flights and visiting the state. The offer also includes a couple of days sightseeing on GTDC-run coaches and a river cruise on boat Shantadurga/Santa Monica. Tourists who are successful in booking tickets on cheap flights to Goa would surely find the packages complementing their travel deals.

It is the latest effort by the authorities to promote Goa as a year-round destination and to tempt vacationers to grasp tickets for flights even during the traditional off-season of the region. The smallest Indian province is largely seen as a hub for winter tourism. Millions of tourists grab air tickets and board flights during the winter months of October to March.

While it is no surprise that domestic travellers in India visit the destination in hordes, even foreigners book tickets aboard Goa flights in large numbers.  

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