Friday, February 8, 2013

Top 2 Places for Souvenir Shopping in Bangkok

Brimming with dozens of night markets and humungous malls, Bangkok is a fitting place for grabbing the intriguing collection of mementos of ones Thailand vacations. From spices to elephant appliqu├ęd handbags and from fascinating fabrics to Buddha statues, you will find panoply of unique stuff that will make for a remarkable reminder of your trip. Here is a little smattering of top places in Bangkok that offer imposing souvenirs and enjoy immense popularity among holidaymakers booking air travel tickets for flights arriving in Thailand.

Chatuchak Weekend Market :-
Chatuchak is one of the largest weekend marketplaces in the world. It opens from Wednesday to Sunday in Media Centre and attracts almost every tourist who bag flights tickets to tour Bangkok. It boasts 15,000 stalls that bubble over with mesmerizing collection of wood carvings, jewellery, paintings, art works, ceramic ware and much more. Bargaining is the most foolproof way to get the best deal. With wonderful retail therapy expeditions or pleasurable haggling, the oriental place knows how to overwhelm the memento seekers who book cheap flights tickets to jaunt Thailand.

MBK Mall :-
One of the cheapest shopping centres, MBK Mall is undeniably a marvellous stop for souvenir seekers who make tickets reservations for flights landing in Bangkok, Thailand. The seventh floor is replete with shops selling Thai handicrafts, silk clothing, pillow, handmade candles, jewellery and more. The stall selling eco-clothing is great for buying spellbinding mementos and being environmental friendly at the same time. It goes without saying that pleasant experience of retail therapy in MBK lives up to every penny you spent on visiting Thailand and buying tickets deals for flights.

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