Monday, August 27, 2012

India’s Jet Airways to Introduce Multi-Cuisine Menu on Flights

International travellers taking flights with India’s Jet Airways will soon be able to gratify their taste buds with a pleasing variety of cuisines in the flight.

Jet Airways, one of the leading private carriers of India, is planning to start multi-cuisine in-flight service for its passengers at a nominal cost. Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisines have been revealed to be part of the choice offered on the flights. Travellers will have the option to book their desired cuisine in advance.

While the new service will be a hit with the extravagant travellers taking flights with the airline, the budget conscious ones who do not wish to pay extra for food will still be able to enjoy the free meals served in the flights.

JetKonnect, a low cost unit of Jet Airways that offers cheap flights within India, already offers the option of paid in-flight meal. Now, the full-service parent company is opting for the service to augment its revenues without hurting the pockets of the economy class flyers who are not willing to pay extra for a meal.

Passengers taking domestic and international flights with the airline will be able to book pre-selected meals online. The system will be operational in the coming few months.

Apart from this, the operator is planning to amplify its revenue by charging for some other in-flight and on-ground facilities. Some of the privileges on the consideration list of the carrier are pre-selection of seats, special facilities at airports like faster check-ins and giving the access of business lounges to economy class flyers for a fee.

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