Thursday, June 14, 2012

Delhi-Agra to Be Connected with Helicopter Services

Undoubtedly, Taj Mahal is India’s biggest tourist gem! A good number of tourists from all corners of the world look to get their hands around cheap flight deals for India just to explore the extreme grandeur of this hugely renowned love symbol.

And now, these Taj-smitten tourists would be able to travel to Agra from Delhi via a helicopter! Delhi airport remains one of the biggest gateways for tourists taking flights to India and it surely makes sense to link the two cities.

The Indian ministry of civil aviation has gathered support from the state administration of Uttar Pradesh to connect Delhi with Agra in order to boost region’s tour and travel sector. Not just Agra, the authorities have come up with a plan to link Delhi to tourist-interest cities of Mathura and Vrindavan. Agra is also going to have a brand new international air terminal at Dhanauli, which is likely to make the proposed chopper services a hit.

The state tourism officials seem to have already met the Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited officials and the proposed locations for helipads at Vrindavan have also been identified.

As mentioned earlier, a visit to Taj Mahal remains the most important aspect of sightseeing itinerary for many tourists booking cheap flights to India for a holiday break. The helicopter service is sure to benefit vacationers who grab airline tickets to Delhi and seek to unearth the gems of Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan.

In particular, tourists who do not have much time on their hands will find the service highly valuable.


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