Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tips to Grab Cheap Flights Tickets to New York

New York holidays don’t hit your bottomline that hard if you do your home work well! Here are some tips that I became aware of on my maiden sojourn to New York that helped me save considerably.

Dig the Web

Due to the volatility of the air fares, a careful internet research is what most well informed and frequent travellers resort to before booking flights to any destination in order to grab cheap air fares.

Several online travel agencies are able to beat even the best price offered directly by the airlines when it comes to cheap flights to New York and any other destination. Compare the prices offered by couple of such company and lock on the options that better suit your pocket and travel plans. Further, holiday packages offered by the travel companies can definitely help slash the cost of your holidays.

Book in Advance

Booking well in advance - not days but months - is a simple way to grab cheap flight tickets to New York. Air fares spiral up as the date of travel draws near. No one likes to pay hefty premium on the last minute bookings.

However, if a last minute booking is unavoidable, then knowing that airlines usually overbook their seats can help. And then there are times when a number of passengers do not show up (No Show) at the time of departure. Airlines are able to sell these surplus seats at the last minute for considerably less than what you would get with the travel agents. So the key is to get in touch with the airlines directly for the last minute flight bookings.

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