Thursday, August 18, 2011

Qantas and British Airways Rev Up JSA

Qantas had multiple aces up its sleeves and presumably all of them were announced on Tuesday! One of them is that Qantas is going to upgrade its long-running Joint Services Agreement (JSA) with British Airways.

The modified JSA allows both carriers to strengthen their Singapore hub as well as to provide superior air travel connections and benefits to passengers who book flights between London Heathrow Airport and Australia.

Under the restructured JSA, it has been reported that Qantas will maintain its Airbus A380 services from Sydney and Melbourne to London through Singapore, while BA will be using Boeing 747 instead of current Boeing 777 for London-Singapore-Sydney flights.

Qantas Group is surely on a roll with a number of new announcements coming out of the group. Qantas has also announced to float a new airline, Jetstar Japan, in partnership with Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi Corporation. It will be a low-cost airline that will be offering cheap flight tickets to travellers in regional Japanese market. This particular move of the group has been widely publicised. And if advertisers are to be believed air fares offered by this airline will surely bring a broad smile on travellers who look for cheap tickets on the flights.

Coming back to the enhanced JSA, it has been agreed upon that come 2012, Qantas will stop its Bangkok-London and Hong Kong-London flights and British Airways will cease its Bangkok-Sydney operations. This will ensure that both carriers reap the maxim benefits of their respective strengths.

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