Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holiday Company ‘Kiss Flights’ Ceases Operations – CAA Steps In

There seems to be no end to the plight of many British travelers as another travel holiday company succumbs and shuts its operations. Kiss Flights, which was owned by the ‘Flight Options’ since January last year went into administration and sparked an uncertainty for as many as 70000 British Travellers. Flight Options declared cessations of its operation last evening.

This has been the third incident when a travel company has ruined the travel arrangements of thousands of travelers. Less than a week back another travel company ‘Sun4U Limited’ went into liquidation which was only a few weeks after ‘Goldtrail Travel Limited’ that had ceased to operate.

Experts fear that there may be more such casualties as more holiday companies may follow suit. Thanks to the Civil Aviation Authority that has always stepped in to rescue the affected travellers and provide many of them with financial protection under its Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (Atol) scheme. CAA has tried to reduce the panic and chaos by stating that over 13000 travellers who are already on their holiday abroad will be able to continue as per plan and return to the UK as normal.

Over 60000 travellers who booked with Kiss Flights to depart UK after the company ceased operations have been advised based on the flights departing before and after 6 pm today. All those booked to depart UK before 6 pm today can continue with their travel by reaching the airport, checking in and boarding their flights as normal. However, those who were to depart UK after 6 pm today have been the worst hit as their flights have been invalidated. Such travellers have been advised to contact CAA to lodge a claim of refund with them. Information on ‘How to make a claim with CAA’ is available on the CAA’s website along with the necessary ATOL Claim Form.

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